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Titanium Professional Hydraulics is a premier manufacturer and importer of high-quality heavy duty hydraulic tools. We focus primarily on the Auto Body Repair Industry and light to mid-size manufacturing. Many customers of ours produce various types of jacks, presses, benders etcetera and purchase various hydraulic cylinders, hoses assemblies, vales and pumps from us.

In the auto body industry we manufacture and import all types of frame repair racks in numerous seizes and tonnage capabilities. We also supply many replacement parts i.e. Cylinders, Hydraulic pumps in both air and electric power, chains clamping packages and more.  We supply many “Jobbers” who visit auto body repair shops providing service – repairs – and equipment sales. We also have a full line of pulling clamps, air jacks, chains etcetera that are items used by shops on a daily basis.

After many years of representing top brand name frame machines, pulling posts, pumps, rams, jacks etcetera the founding family of our company embarked upon a project to create our very own brand of hydraulic equipment and forged chrome molybdenum auto body clamps manufactured to our design and rigorous specifications. The highlight here is that after many years of solving problems, repairing and rebuilding other tools brings us to the best possible position for this endeavor. By being so closely engaged with the end user we are able to know firsthand the faults and shortcomings of equipment currently on the market and produce them better. Being able to identify a quality engineered product is possible from experience, which we have an abundance of.

We also have a large department that refurbishes old USA made frame racks and sell them all across the USA. This is a very rewarding part of our business as it saves great older machines form being scrapped for steel, and offers savings to buyers over new machines. In the process of refurbishing we learn the various parts required and which areas fail the most. This assists us when we design and manufacture our own machines.

In the beginning we chose to sell direct to the end user via web sales. As we were able to earn a very good reputation for quality and value with a near perfect customer satisfaction record we have shifted direction and now sell mainly through resellers, jobbers and distributors. For this reason our website does not show prices and will not provide direct sales. Please contact us to become a jobber or distributor and end users can contact us to find a local distributor.  If we do not have a distributor who can sell and service your needs at this time we will sell directly to you.

Contact: Sheldon 954.329.6951 – sheldon@t-p-h.net

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